Ride the Wave of Change

In Sri Lanka, local women are hardly seen in the ocean. Despite growing up on an island, most women have never learnt how to swim and thus, fear the ocean. This is the result of traditional gender norms and cultural expectations that has prevented the ocean from becoming ‘an accepted space’ for women.

Through a Swim & Surf Program SeaSisters created a safe space for Sri Lankan girls and women to enjoy the ocean, and influence mindsets around gender norms.

We’ve created a bilingual  Print Campaign, “Ride the Wave of Change” to spread awareness accross the local community and to make more and more girls and women want to learn to swim and surf. We believe that women deserve the same opportunities as men and that swimming and surfing can serve as powerful tools of social change in Sri Lanka.


Created Assets:

  • The sisters illustrations
  • “Ride the Wave of Change” Print Campaign
  • “SeaSisters” Surf Spot Poster
  • “Swim & Surf Passport” Leaflet
  • Stickers, Postcards and various Goodies
Sri Lanka
Photographers, VideoMakers
Photos : Lina Benmansour, Amanda Prifti / Videos & Editing : @studiosonsuz, @sirihnm
Art Direction and English Copywriting
Lina Benmansour